Movement Assessments $89

 Movement Efficiency Assessment $49*

 Range of Motion Assessment $49*

 Both assessments $89*


 Movement Efficiency:
 Using the patent-pending Fusionetics technology we do a 60-point inspection of  your body in motion to assess movement efficiency during 7 different movements.  This test evaluates mobility, stability and functional control to understand your current  performance and injury risk status. This same test is being utilized across  professional and college sports to create baselines for injury prevention and  training programs for athletes in all sports. You are given a 0-100 score which  allows you and your practitioner to develop a game plan for objective  improvement.

Range of Motion:
After your Movement Efficiency Test, our staff will also perform a Range of Motion Test. As part of the Movement Efficiency Test, we identify key joints for further evaluation. We utilize a Range of Motion test to further target flexibility and mobility limitations which are often the root cause of pain and performance issues. Once we have the results of your tests our practitioners work with our software applications to create a targeted program to meet your individual needs.


* Receive a free mobile app and digital program to manage your own self-care.

   - Movement Efficiency Assessment
   - Range of motion Assessment 
   - Hands-on session
   - Self Care walk through
   - Access to your self care program on all your mobile devices


Hands-on Sessions $79 

Our hands-on service combines tools and techniques that promote flexibility, increase muscle activation which all help to prevent injuries, prepare the body for optimal performance and increase resilience and durability. We focus on areas of the body causing overuse and stress from repetitive and aggressive movements.

Our solution releases restricted areas in the muscles thus alleviating pain and improving range of motion. You can experience significant results in just one session.

For anyone participating in regular physical activity, hands-on session every week or two is a great addition to your training regimen. It's best to talk with one of our professional practitioners to find a plan that will work best with your schedule and budget.

Amatuer and Pro Athlete Services

For athletes who are traveling to Milwaukee for competition we offer packaged testing, hands-on and training to meet your specific needs. Call 414-534-6924 for details. 

ME (Movement Efficiency) clinic
Have us come to your team or club to assess everyone in one quick swoop, see your team's injury risk and your most at risk athletes to help them before an injury happens, order programs for your team based on their most pressing needs.

Call Maria at 414-534-6924 to schedule your ME Clinic for your team.